Klymiuk Lab at the Field Museum

Educational Resources (K-12)

Swamplands of the Carboniferous

Avoid close encounters with massive millipedes and 2-foot long dragonflies by exploring a coastal Carboniferous (ca. 320 Ma) wetland from the comfort of your own home.

Be a Botanist…

…in your own back yard! Join Dr. Az Klymiuk to explore the plants and land in Treaty 8 Territory in northern Alberta, and learn how to make your own plant collections.

Fossils for Schools

Are you a K-12 science educator, whose work would be enhanced by access to plant fossils? Occasionally, we de-accession materials from our collection owing to space constraints, quality, and research value considerations. We want fossils to find good homes in classrooms, where they will inspire and educate students for years to come. Contact us to describe how access to a small collection of fossils will impact your students.

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